A common question we are often asked here at Bright Green Car Recycling is ‘how do I scrap my car?’ We know that at times it can seem like a great deal of hassle to even attempt this, but we are proud of making the process as easy as possible for our customers.

Can I Scrap My Car Without A Logbook?

So, can you even scrap a car without a logbook? A vehicle log book can also be recognised by a handful of alternative names including a V5 document, this document verifies ownership of the vehicle you are scrapping.

Bright Green Car Recycling know that obtaining the v5 document doesn’t happen overnight so that is why If you have turned your home upside-down trying to locate this document then it is good to know that you can still contact DVLA and apply for a new V5 document for the cost of £25. This process is the most straight forward and will make the process much smoother for both parties when it comes to scrapping your vehicle.

If the above isn’t realistic then we can agree to accept identification in substitute for the vehicle logbook.

Substitute Identification

If you are struggling to get the logbook then we will accept formal identification, or a driving licence. To ensure transition time is kept to a minimum when scrapping your vehicle through us, please tell us at the earliest possibility that you will be using a driving licence or other formal identification to scrap your vehicle.

With roughly 50 million driving licences registered in the UK it may be easier to supply us with this as your main source of identification – according to RAC Foundation ‘In November 2018, the total number of driving licences registered with DVLA was 48,795,601’.

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