Scrap My Car Hampshire

If you are located nearby then why not scrap my car Hampshire? If you have an unwanted vehicle, we offer a hassle free scrap car collection service, we even promise to match prices offered by our competitors!

scrap my car Hampshire and Portsmouth parking

Scrap My Car Portsmouth

Bright Green Car Recycling’s car scrappage vehicle service situated in Portsmouth canĀ ensure that you get the price you want for your car, as well as the calming knowledge that your vehicle will be put to use somehow. Portsmouth streets can get very congested, so why not ease the problem by getting rid of the vehicles clogging up the sides of the road for extra cash, if offered a price elsewhere from a reputable company we will honour our guarantee and match any price offered.


What is Car Recycling?

Car recycling is the process of bringing life to your old vehicle after you feel you can no longer maintain/run the vehicle. If the car is fixable new parts will go into the vehicle ensuring that it is once again ready to run. If this is not possible then most things contained within a vehicle can be reused/recycled such as leather interior which can then be reused as handbags, or belts. The glass windows on your car can be shredded into sand to then be later used to make tiles to go into your home. Even the dashboard plastics can be turned into polymers before being used as rubbish bins, garden furniture and carpets.

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If you are interested in a scrap my vehicle Hampshire service then please fill out our contact form on our contact page for a quote within 24 hours. We travel within a 50 mile radius of Hampshire so please feel free to give us a call on +447931179375 for more information.