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If you live in Worthing or Brighton then Bright Green Car Recycling can make your unwanted vehicle disappear! We can make the transfer and process of recycling your vehicle so much easier and can offer cash for your unwanted car, or van.

How Can We Help With Car Recycling?

First of all car scrap recycling is ultimately the process of bringing new life to your old vehicle after you have decided you are no longer able to run or maintain the car safely. If the vehicle is fixable then we can arrange for new working parts to go into the vehicle resulting in it once again being ready to run. When this is no longer an option then the majority of items and parts located within the car can be reused/recycled.

What is Car Recycling?

Car recycling is the process of bringing life to your old vehicle after you feel you can no longer maintain/run the vehicle. If the car is fixable new parts will go into the vehicle ensuring that it is once again ready to run. If this is not possible then most things contained within a vehicle can be reused/recycled such as leather interior which can then be reused as handbags, or belts. The glass windows on your car can be shredded into sand to then be later used to make tiles to go into your home. Even the dashboard plastics can be turned into polymers before being used as rubbish bins, garden furniture and carpets.

What We Promise To Our Customers

Price Promise

We know that you want the best value for your vehicle, that is why all of our pricing is custom priced and why we promise to match any offer from our competitors.

24 Hour Contact Promise

Unlike the bigger companies, you can get straight through to one of team to book in your car collection. The most you’ll ever have to wait is 24 hours!

48 Hour Vehicle Collection

We are sure that once you have decided to scrap your vehicle you want it gone as soon as possible. We aim to collect all vehicles in East Sussex within 48 hours.

Recycling Your Vehicle

We love this earth, and that is why we will always recycle any vehicle you bring to us no matter the condition.

Make sure to contact us today for more information.