Scrap my car West SussexScrap My Car West Sussex

Bright Green Car Recycling can help when you want to ‘scrap my car in West Sussex’. It can often be a hard decision choosing whether to keep on paying out for an older vehicle with high mileage, or choosing to finally give up and scrap your car. Below we will list the top three positives and negatives of scrapping your vehicle.

Scrapping Your Vehicle


  • Immediate Cash
  • No more expensive garage costs
  • We can immediately take it off your hands if the vehicle isn’t taxed or insured

One of the almost immediate benefits of scrapping your vehicle is the cash we will give you for your vehicle. You may receive more depending upon the condition of your vehicle, mileage, whether it has alloy wheels, age and some more factors.

As soon as you sign the vehicle over you can breathe a sigh of relief for you no longer have to think about visiting the garage anytime soon and having to fork out extreme amounts for costly changes that didn’t improve the running of your car!

Run out of tax? No problem as we have the ability to take the vehicle from you under our own insurance policies. The vehicle will be safely removed and taken back to our location situated in West Sussex.


  • May need to find a replacement vehicle
  • Have to be available to sign documents during transfer
  • May not receive the same amount compared to fixing it up and selling privately

When you are transferring over your vehicle you may have to prepare for how you are going to still get to work, this might mean finding a replacement which can result in dealing with a dodgy salesman, if this occurs do your research and make sure you are not paying over market value for the vehicle that you are purchasing.

When having enough of your car and choosing to scrap, it is important for the recycling company that you are present to sign the documentation if possible. But not to worry as Bright Green Car Recycling can arrange a time for you before, or after work so it is more convenient for you.

If you did have the time on your hands to fix up the vehicle if it is not majorly broken then you might be able to receive more compared to what a scrap car company might offer. We ensure we are fair and that is why we offer a price promise guarantee to our customers.

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