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Get in touch with us and we will tell you the minimum price that we will pay you for your car. We guarantee to pay you this price which includes collection cost. In over 6 out of 10 collections, after an assessment by our qualified engineer we have been able to pay more than the minimum quote

Here at Bright Green Car Recycling we are passionate about recycling. When we come to pick up your car, we will look for any parts that can be re-used and if it’s a non-runner assess whether it can be repaired and given another lease of life. Any parts that cannot be used will be taken to authorised sites for advanced recycling.

What Identification Do I need to Scrap My Vehicle?

What we need when we collect your car

As well as the car (obviously!) we’ll need:

1. The car’s log book (the DVLA’s V5C registration certificate)

Our driver will check that its properly filled in and then we will send it to the DVLA. You will have no more responsibility for it but if you are entitled to a               refund of  road tax then the DVLA will refund you directly.

2. The car key and any other keys such as locking wheel nut and security codes.

3. Other documentation such as service history and MOT certificate.

If all is in order, we will agree the payment into your bank or credit card account.

Our driver will check that you have not left anything in the car and then load it onto a recovery truck and take it to our workshop.

That’s it

How Much Will I Receive For My Vehicle?

If you are wondering how much you will receive for your vehicle, then please contact us! Each vehicle is priced accordingly depending on different factors. Some factors that affect valuation include whether the vehicle has alloys, condition of the car, mileage and age.

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